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Revolution need not be a spontaneous storm
of indignation against intolerable indignities
and deprivations. It can take quite other
As a second variety of Revolution, which is in
sharp contrast with the indignation-revolt in
which so many periods of unchallenged Catholic
ascendancy have ended, we may take what we
may call the " revolution conspiracy ", in which
a number of people set about organising the
forces of discomfort and resentment and loosening
the grip of the government's forces, in order to
bring about a fundamental change of system.
The ideal of this type is the Bolshevik Revolution
in Russia, provided it is a little simplified and
misunderstood. This, reduced to a working
theory by its advocates, is conceived of as a
systematic cultivation of a public state of mind
favourable to a Revolution together with an
inner circle of preparation for a cc seizure of
power **. Quite a number of Communist and
other leftish writers, bright young men, without
much political experience, have let their imagina-
tions loose upon the c technique 9> of such an
adventure. They have brought the Nazi and
Fascist Revolutions into the material for their
studies. Modern social structure with its con-
centration of directive, informative and coercive